20 Useful Life Hacks

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  1. Buying something from Apple? Leave it in your shopping cart and 7-10 days later, you’ll notice a 15-20% discount on that item.
  2. Keep quarters dated 1965 and older as they are valued at $4.20, and the value will just keep going up.
  3. On average, the cheapest plane tickets are found 54 days prior to travel. Buy on Tuesday or Wednesday and fly on Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday.
  4. Wash your shower curtain with salt when you first get it, and it will never mold.
  5. If you call your cable company and say you want more channels but don’t know which ones, they’ll give you a month of all of them for free.
  6. A cinnamon tea bag will keep mosquitoes away from your bed.
  7. To clean your microwave easily, warm a bowl of water in the microwave and the steam will soften the hardened food particles.
  8. To convert Youtube vidoes into mp3s, enter the URL into youtube-mp3.org and convert the video into an mp3 for an easy download.
  9. Always look at the floor near the bar; drunk people tend to drop their money.
  10. To get the best deal on a car, go to the dealership at the end of the month and on a rainy day.
  11. Before you buy anything online, google any possible coupon codes. 9ANY will get you any Pizza Hut pizza for $9.
  12. If you put batteries in the fridge for a day before you use them, you’ll double their lifespan.
  13. September 28th is national museum day and you can get into any museum for free.
  14. To peel garlic cloves with minimal effort and great speed, place them into a pot with a cover and shake vigorously for 10 seconds.
  15. If you have an email address ending in .edu, you can get Amazon Prime for free.
  16. Are your shoes too small? Put on three pairs of socks, the shoes and then blow dry them for 10 minutes. They’ll fit just right.
  17. Put a sticker with your fake PIN number on your debit card. If you lose it and someone tries to use it, the card will get eaten up after three tries.
  18. Out of candles? A crayon will burn for 30 minutes.
  19. Drop a battery 6 inches from the ground, if it bounces once and falls over, it’s still good. If it bounces around, it’s dead.
  20. At Chegg.com, you can rent textbooks instead of buying them.

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